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our very first blog post

hi everyone, this is our gelatolabo blog. looking forward to sharing more about who we are, why we do what we do and even how we do.

we are a lil gelato store and we love to experiment and create great gelato flavours.

this blog however is going to be as real as it gets for us. starting a business has challenges and it is definitely more than just creating great tasting flavours. we aren't influencers and definitely don't know how to do dance moves to entertain. what we hope is that we are able to create engaging conversations regarding the craft of gelato making and the ups and downs of running this business.

more importantly, we really hope to be able to engage all of you and to be able to get to know you and be able to learn from everyone as well. thank you.

team gelatolabo!

this image was from our first store at 11 Cavan Road.

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